These are the instructions to start Tap In in your classroom. We used them to carry out our Tap In project, and they should help you out. Follow each step carefully and accurately, and don't forget to have fun. We have added easy to use surveys, charts, and many other useful things. So, Tap In to project Tap In today.

Click here to see instructions on how to implement Tap In at your school.

Click here for the surveys.

Click here to enter survey results and automatically create pie charts that display your success! The excel spreadsheet comes with easy to follow instructions.

Click here for a Tap In flyer to distribute.

Click here for our Tap In Song. Use ours or create your own!

Click here for a press release for the media. 

Show your class this great video that inspired our project: 

Establish a Tap In Day at school.  Through the use of morning announcements, posters,article in school newspaper and a notice on your school's marque have all the students bring their reusable water bottles to school that day..and every day!   





Tap In is a fun and educational program.  We hope you will Tap IN at your school to help save our planet - one water bottle at a time!




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