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This website began when we noticed all the empty water bottles in our schools, parks, and neighborhoods. We began researching the effects of disposable water bottles and how they contribute to global warming. 

* When water bottles are produced, distributed, and eliminated (whether through recycling or landfills) fossil fuels are burned releasing harmful gases.

* Fossil fuels are used in the making of water bottles. Drilling for the petroleum also releases harmful gases. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource; once it is used up it can't be replaced. 

* 38 billion plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. Landfills emit harmful greenhouse gases like methane. Greenhouse gases help trap the heat in and thus contribute to global warming. Additionally, we our running out of space to build new landfills.

* Some disposable water bottles contain chemicals that can be hazardous to your body (including plastic #7 and bisphenol A.)

But don't worry!

We have decided to save the earth - one water bottle at a time.  We developed the Tap IN program that has been proven to change students’ behavior.  With this program we were able to significantly reduce the use of disposable water bottles in our school.

Now, we are passing all this valuable information to you.  Please click on INSTRUCTIONS AND SAMPLES tab to Tap In to our program



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